Slot Tournaments

In a land-based casino, the slot tournaments are a very big draw for players. Quite often, they are free and the prizes can be significant. In addition, many casinos will offer the entrants big incentives to come to their casinos, like fee accommodation, free meals, show tickets and drinks whilst they stay to play in the competition.

The reason for this is to get the big fans of slots to come to their casino, enjoy themselves and hopefully to come back again an again. In many ways, the slot tourneys are a loss-leader for the casino, which is why they are an important way to play for those people that really want to make money from slots. It is possible to go to a casino, just play the tourneys and come home with more money, or at least having had a great time, but not having lost very much.

In other words, slot tourneys are the best value way to play.

Whether you enjoy the format of a slot tourney, is though, a different matter because they really are a very different animal from simple, regular tourneys.

Online Slot Tournaments:

Tournament Slots offer a different playing experience from regular slots play. With most tournaments, all players pay an entry fee that goes into a prize pool to be divided between the winners and also a fee to the casino for taking part, which is basically the same as when you would enter a poker tournament online.

The structure may be, for example, that you have 10 players each paying $10+$1 fee. So, this means that there is a prize pool of $100 to be divided by the winners of the tourney, whilst the casino receives $10 for setting up the tournament, for the use of the technology, the customer service and of course for their profit.

So, once the tournament has started (and you have paid the fee), then there is no 'house edge' - you play on a level playing field with all the players involved.

There are two main types of tournaments, 'Scheduled' and 'Sit and Go'. Each offers a slightly different playing experience:

Scheduled Tournaments

For a scheduled slot tournament you first register and then play within a set period of time limit. If you want to get straight into the action then this is a good choice for you. Once the deadline for entering is finished and all players have done their time, the player with the most credits (or points) wins the tournament. There are also usually plenty of runners up prizes that can also win significant prizes

Sit and Go Tournaments

Unlike the scheduled slot tourneys, the Sit n Go slot tourneys start when a pre-determined number of players have registered. This is just like a sit n go poker tourney. In the case of Microgaming slot tournaments, like those at Jackpot City Casino, a tournament starts when six players have registered. Once a Sit and Go slot tourney has started, it is the player with the most credits at the end of a specified time period (or number of spins that wins the prize.

Good Value for Money Slots

Another great thing about tournament play is that before you start playing you know exactly what your potential loss could be. If you play a $5 tournament, you know that is the maximum that you can possibly lose.

Types of Slot Tournament

Many tournaments are based on the time you play for, in which case you must be quick to spin the reels and not take any breaks, other are just based on how many times the reels spin, which gives more relaxed style of play. Some people prefer the type where you play a certain number of spins, other like time-based tournaments

Similar to a Poker Tournament

Overall, slot tournaments can be seen as being very much like a regular poker tournament - all the players put a stake to create a pool of money. The organizer takes a small percentage for setting it all up, then the money is split between the winners.

The Slot Tourney Prize Pool

In some tournaments, the winner might take a huge majority of the total prize money pool and the rest might be split beaten the next two or three places. In other tournaments, the prize may be split much more evenly, perhaps over the first thirty or forty places. Again, it's a very personal thing as to what type of tournament you enjoy.

The Future of Slot Tournaments

As the power of computers and software becomes greater, it would be easy to imagine a tournament where you can see the faces of all the other players. Perhaps you will be able to walk around the casino in a virtual word, meeting and talking to other players, even going for a virtual drink together afterwards. The potential is huge.

Is the winner. This type of tournament is nice as you can track where you are on the leader board as time goes by - it can be quite addictive!

The best thing about slot tournaments for me, is that they give you a chance to win some pretty big prizes without having to gamble big bucks. In many cases, tournaments are free.