Rival Gaming Casinos

Rival Gaming have certainly raised the bar with respect to creating the best in online slots. Their offering can be broadly divided between state of the art video slots that have all the best features of Vegas slots, classic three reel slots and a new type of slot that is completely unique, called the i-slot.

For me, the main attraction of the Rival Gaming casino is the fact that they have games that really are every bit as good as those you would find in a land based, 'bricks n mortar' casino.

State of art technology

In order to create their offering, Rival have developed some of the most advanced back-end technology which is highly scaleable and has allowed the company to keep producing new titles every single month. The rate at which the popular i-slots are produced is quite staggering when you consider how complex and gripping the games are, so we applaud Rival for what they are doing for the industry in help advance the technology and providing competition to the older, more well-established software houses, like Microgaming.

Safety and security

Firstly, the Random Number Generator (RNG) is certified by CertainKey, which is based on Fortuna's algorithm and so has the highly rated "cryptographically secure" classification on it's side.

Secondly, they also have excellent hardware-based source of randomness for RNG seeding, which is much better than the alternatives that are purely software based (we did mention that Rival take this seriously).

Furthermore, Rival have adopted the IdentiPrint device for so called 'fingerprints' that track every single device that is connecting all the casinos that are powered by Rival. No personal information is shared with third parties at all and they have a ClassAct filter system which awards comps and promotions to players.


Probably the biggest buzz created about Rival is the i-slot. This series of new and innovative games have really set the standards as far as new online slots are concerned. They have been created to give players what is a genuinely more interactive way to play slots. As the player spins the reels during a session, a story-line unfolds which is unique to that particular session.

Scary Rich and other famous Rival slots

Of course, it's not just i-slots that Rival are famous for and in fact, they have some of the best regular video slots around, including some which have won awards voted for by players. For example, Scary Rich slot which has won many accolades and is often voted by players as their favorite slot online. That alone is some feat when you consider they are up against IGT Wagerworks slots and the Microgaming range.