5 Steps To Get You Started Play Roulette

A lot of players are intimidated the first time they sit down to play roulette. There's a lot of different places where they can bet and they find themselves trying to out-think the inherently random nature of the wheel and the ball. This method isn't designed to help you win, per se, but to help you understand how betting works and when you should walk away (and when you should stay)!

Step One: Find A Roulette Table With A Wide Betting Range.

This is easier than you'd think if you want to play online roulette, as pretty much very site will let you wager as little as $1 or as much as you want on each spin, up to $500.

Step Two: Start Betting

Bet a small amount on red or black and then if you win, walk away. Seriously, log out of the online casino and get a little fresh air. I'm serious about this step because it reminds you that winning is something that should be savored! If you lose, however, double the amount you last wagered and then place the same bet again. If you bet $1 the first time, bet $2.

Step Three: Continue Betting

Yes, we said double the amount that you bet the first time if you lost and make the exact same bet again. If you bet $2 in Step Two, then bet $4. If you win on this spin, you'll have made just as much money winning on your second bet as you would have if you had won on your first. Again, if you end up winning, take your money and walk away.

Step Four: Continue Betting

Did you lose again? Then double your bet and try again. Yes, just like you were supposed to do in Step Three if you lost.

Step Five: Repeat These Steps Until You're Done

Continue doing this until you've either lost the money you started playing with or you hit the table maximum.

Win Roulette Secret Strategy

Is this system a little foolish? Perhaps. However, this is the only system by which you're guaranteed to make money while playing the game. If you don't end up making a winning bet by the time you've gone through your bankroll, however, you've got an amazing story to tell your friends. On top of guaranteeing a profit (or giving you bragging rights), this method also teaches you the importance of pocketing your winnings when you have them.